Who is Kyle Rea?

Over the course of his career, Kyle has built several successful brands, won numerous awards in movies, photography and screenwriting, voiced some of the most renown anime characters of all time, and has produced and directed countless commercials and projects. But his burning passion lies in helping others achieve their full potential. Among other skills, Kyle has spent his time mastering the art of online engagement, entrepreneurship and cryptocurrency investing. He now teaches thousands of like-minded individuals how to earn a sustainable living online! His strategies have helped countless people earn profits and continue to create success stories throughout the world!



Kyle Rea has been a dreamer & entrepreneur since as far back as he can remember. He grew up on a sheep farm in the wilds of Brownsmead, Oregon entertaining himself with comics, books and chess. His obsession with gaming ultimately led him to build a computer from scratch, using spare parts and eventually logged on to this new thing called "the internet". His time was split between trying to find new was to make money while obsessively chatting with people on social media platforms and gaming. 

Despite everybody telling him to "get a normal job" it wasn't his destiny and instead he moved to California to pursue voice-acting where his integrity & marketing skills were put to the test. He netted amazing results until an unforeseen health condition took away his momentum. Barely surviving and newly inspired; his success was just the beginning of what was to come...


My goal is to help AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE achieve their full potential in life, business, and online while I'm here on this planet! 

So I've decided to use all my years of knowledge to create extremely detailed courses in everything I know to help others succeed in business, life and online (lifestyle, financially, awareness, and entertainment).

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