IG Post on @Uhh_Satisfying

IG Post on @Uhh_Satisfying

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Post on @Uhh_Satisfying a page where just about every post goes wildly viral!

One of the most important tools for Instagram accounts and online businesses is to promote their content in social networks, and Here you can showcase your satisfying posts to be known by our tens of thousands of followers (and viral account) bringing good results for you.

After you make the payment, remember to send us the images/videos of your artworks and Instagram username to our mail: Kyle@KyleRea.net (The subject of the email must be the Name and email of the PayPal with which the order is made. Example: Subject: Kyle Rea – kylerea@***.com). Not need to add caption information on the mail, we have a caption template for this service where we ask our followers to follow you in the first line. Links and commercial information aren’t allowed on the caption.

If your satisfying video is too big to send via email you can use a cloud service like Google drive, Dropbox, Wetransfer, etc. and send us the link to download it. We work with all video format but we prefer .mp4, best quality. We can also grab the video if it’s already on your IG post via repost app.

NotesSome posts will not be permanent, the ones that gets less than 100K views will be deleted in 3 days after posted. This will not affect results, the important traffic to your page is in the first 24h. Over 100k views will be permanent.

If you get several posts, they will be published one per day or less than 4 days between each.

With Primetime your post will be up faster than a normal post after making the payment, also with Primetime you can propose a special time for posting the next day, and we will let you know if that time it’s available in our schedule (Need to specify the time in PST on the mail). The prices don’t include the 10% Transaction fee, will be charged at the end

For carousel posts we’re accepting maximum of 5 images (can be 1 video and 4 images), they must be very similar line of satisfying content or details of the same satisfying content. Need to specify with words which will be the first image/video in the carousel, (We don’t post nude content or related).

Please be patient with us if we don’t respond your email quickly, we will try to reply within 48 hours.

Also this service is only for Satisfying Content types . that want to feature their satisfying content (Not products). If you want to promote something that is not satisfying content just contact us to: Kyle@KyleRea.net or IG @Uhh_Satisfying

For more information contact us via email or IG: @Uhh_Satisfying

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