I'm a multi award winning and published cREAtive photographer. I shoot actors head shots, stills, fashion, portraits, live events, landscapes, cREAtive shots, and more! Just about anything! 

Photography is a major aspect to filmmaking. So I decided not to limit myself. If I can inspire the fans through photography, maybe I can turn more heads with the messages in my art and motion pictures? 


Apotheosis - Feature Film, (A man is accused of murdering his girlfriend.) - 2016

The Man in 3B - Feature Film, (Based off a New York Times Best Selling Novel) - 2013


Dark Circus Cancer Awareness - 1-21-2017 (Event Photographer / Videographer)

ALS Awareness Charity- #BillionsForBob, 8/12/2015 (Watch Video - Click Here)

ALS Awareness Boxing Charity- 8/24/2014 (Watch Video - Click Here)

Knappa School's Foundation Auction - 2/8/2014 (Four donated fine-art prints)


The Horrorzine July 2012, E-Zine (Jeani Rector - Editor) 

The Horrorzine - February 2013, E-Zine (Jeani Rector - Editor)

Fetfan - June 2013, E-Zine & Physical Print