Save a TON of $$Money$$ Shopping Online by Using "Honey" Chrome Extension

Save a TON of $$Money$$ Shopping Online by Using "Honey" Chrome Extension

Have you ever, in your life, purchased something online? Most of the world has, these days, due to the simple, time and cost saving solution the internet has offered us. Sometimes we get so caught up spending money online, we forget how much we spend and go over our limits.

Well, let's try to put that behind us. I have a simple solution to help you save a TON of money online when you least expect it! It's called the "Honey" Chrome Extension app which auto-hunts PROMO CODES online every time you enter a shopping cart checkout. All you have to do is click the "

Automatically find and apply coupon codes when you shop online! Honey has a 5 star rating on over 69,500 reviews and is super simple to use. 

Here's an example below, but this also works on larger purchases as well!

See how I saved $1 on my purchase? (20% off!)

Honey Chrome App Saves Money With Promo Codes

Here's what you need in order to access it:

  1. Google Chrome Web Browser
  2. Download/Install the Honey App from Chrome Web Store
  3. Login to the App
  4. Shop and allow Honey to search for promo codes. 

It's literally THAT easy!

1) Download/Install the Google Chrome Web Browser.

Google Chrome Browser

2) Download Honey app from the Google Chrome Web Store

Honey app - Google Chrome Web Store

3) Login to Honey App (Via FB or Create a New Account)

4) Enter Check out in your shopping car online and Honey will automatically look for promo codes for you with the click of a button >> Save Money!

Honey App for Google Chrome

Click >> Continue to Checkout

Google Honey App saves money

And see the savings!

Savings on Honey App Promo Code Finder

**Please note, not all websites have promo codes, but Honey works on a lot of major sites like Fiverr, Squarespace, and Amazon to name a few...

To get even more details about what stores use Honey, visit their website here.


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