Q&A Interview With (Social Media Strategist, Entrepreneur & Techpreneur) Kyle Rea

Q&A Interview With Myself (Social Media Strategist, Entrepreneur & Techpreneur)

Q: An interview with myself?! Never heard of that before... Are you vain?

A: Lol, Absolutely not! My ultimate goal is to help you achieve your full potential online, in life and financially! That's why I created this Q&A with myself to answer all the questions I keep hearing both indirectly and directly about what I do, social media, business, entrepreneurship and how to earn a sustainable living online. 

Let's go ahead and treat this like a FAQ's (aka Frequently Asked Questions). 

Q: Ok, how long have you been utilizing social media?

A: Since AOL discs were being mailed to our front door with free internet trials via dial-up, which used to access your phone line. The AIM, ICQ, IRC days slightly before Myspace. That was back in the 90's.

So yes, I'm ancient. 

Q: How long have you been a social media strategist and who have you worked for?

A: I've working for myself since the beginning and for many small businesses, individual artists and some large businesses as a social media strategist & content creator. I recently turned down several six figure jobs because I want to focus on my own work, develop my own ideas and reach further than I ever could by working for someone else, which gives me more flexibility and the allows me to create my own courses to teach people. So I became an entrepreneur. Now I mainly do all my own social media for myself and my own business.

Soon I will be hiring a team to implement my strategies for me so I can focus on teaching you all how to maximize your time, effort, and earn an income all at the same time while implementing social media.

Q: Your businesses, what are those?

A: Glad you asked! I've got a production company that specializes in genre content, an organization that houses some of the finest creative talent in the world, a few e-commerce businesses and I still do voice-acting, acting, filmmaking and producing. In fact, I'm currently finishing up on a feature film and about to start a new one pretty soon. I like to blend both entertainment with entrepreneurism, mainly for the reason that I love them all and if I don't find a way to connect the dots, there's absolutely no way I could do it all. 

Q: Wow! So are you Superman? Where are you from exactly? Krypton?!

A: I was apparently born in a home but who really knows, right? lol I moved to one of the largest cities in the world, LA from one of the smallest towns in the world (Brownsmead, Oregon) to pursue voice-acting. When I finally got here, I started getting into acting. Then I had a serious heart problem which knocked me to the lowest depths of life. As I was hanging on for dear life (literally!) I made a choice to change my life. All I wanted to do from that point was help people.

So I stopped working for my own need of success and started using what skills I had to try to help others in any way I could; mainly through art. Then I decided I couldn't stand working for other people anymore and forced myself to live the entrepreneur life. It took me a good 5 years to get the hang of it since I didn't have any direct mentors or coaches, only through asking people I respected, reading books, listening to podcasts and investing all my money in courses.

Then it all started to click! My failed businesses started becoming successful and I just worked off the momentum! 

Q: So you're a comic book nerd? AND a businessman? AND a strategist? Wow!

A: My Mother always said, there's no time to be bored, you only have one life, so enjoy what you do! And I do... 

Now I have no time to waste so I tie it all in together and maximize on every second spent on the planet, with a goal to help as many people as possible. And I've figured it out and have a full strategy in place. It's coming to life more beautifully than I had expected! 

Q: So tell me, what's the best way to get engagement online? 

A: Nothing generally happens "instantly" on social media. It usually takes time to learn the "language". It's about how you present yourself, knowing where to post, of what type of content and when. It's also about collaborations, advertising and feeding your "funnel system". But the best overall advice I can give is ALWAYS be positive, and if conflicting interest, be professional about it or just ignore it. No bad energy is worth anybody's time. 

Also, always make your content enjoyable to watch and engage often with people online.

Q: Can you show us an example of your engagement results?

A: Sure! I started a brand spanking new brand "nobody" had ever heard of before and within 28 days on Facebook, I had over 1M video views, 2.2M audience size and 3,500 fans all without spending a penny! That would generally cost a small fortune in Advertising. I could have doubled that but ran into many issues within this first month that set me back. 

When people say it can't be done, they just don't know how... There's MANY strategies for social media growth both with and without advertising, although it's much faster with financial investment. I know what works for me and I've tried everything I can think of, but algorithms change daily on social media platforms and there's always things I don't know about or haven't tried yet so it's a constant game of trial-and-error or learning from the best that gets the best results. 

Q: What do I have to do to get those results?!

A: That's a pretty general question... It took me 20 years of utilizing the internet, a lot of asking questions, a TON of failures and many investments paid courses to figure it all out. I got those results without spending a penny, but if combined with advertising and not hitting all the hurdles I did, it could have doubled or tripled. 

It's a combination of content type, where and when to post, your attitude online and combo linking everything together. There's much more to it but general answer to a general question. :)

If you join my private Facebook Group here where you can ask general questions. 

Q: Can you teach me how?!

A: Absolutely! I'll have my full "Achieve Your Full Potential Online" social media strategy course up pretty soon which tells EVERYTHING, provides all resources and templates I have as well as a step-by-step instruction on how to reach similar results to what I've been able to achieve (no matter what type of content you post). 

Q: Can I make money with these skills?

A: Absolutely!! Social media is literally one of the fastest growing job markets on the planet right now! I earned income by utilizing social media for many years before I decided to focus on teaching and Producing rather than offering individual help to brands and businesses for the main reason I can help more people with the same amount of time spent.

I literally turned down several six figure job offers at the beginning of the year to pursue my businesses. I don't have too much time in a day for that right now and have my own path, so I'm focusing on teach you how to implement what I know and get the best results. 

You can earn income both online through driving sales or affiliate marketing or by providing services to other companies while utilizing social media and implementing the strategies I have. The more you know, the better results you'll get, the more you can demand for investment from others when you teach them or utilize the skills yourself to rank up their social media brands online.

Q: How much money can I make by using social media?

A: If you add it all up, (Affiliate + Driving Sales + Social Media Strategies + Teaching = Endless $$$) can't say for you how much you make, but it's a long term investment and the longer you stick with it, the more you'll be able to demand. I've already hit over six figures income utilizing my social media strategies and tactics and also received several job offers for that much as well.

Since I was distracted with many other business builds, studying and producing / acting, I've still not hit my own peak (aiming for 7 to 9 figures). But just zen focus, utilize my strategies and info and I'm confident you'll start to earn a livable income before long! I'll show you EXACTLY how to not only learn the skills you need to succeed, but how to use them to earn a sustainable income in my Achieve Your Full Potential Online courses. 

Q: Do you have any advice for me to get started?

A: Join my Private Facebook Group: 

Achieve Your Full Potential Online - Social Media Strategies, Tips, Tricks & Tactics

I'll answer as many questions as I have time for in there until my course is up. 

P.S. As any questions come in, I'll add them into this blog.