How Your Attitude Affects Your Success

I woke up and immediately started checking my emails, updates on social media and... what's currently trending online, of course. And naturally, today I was extremely disturbed to find NOTHING but ridiculous and hate filled trending topics on Facebook. Our world is crumbling before our eyes and nobody wants to do anything about it! 

Current News Today (July 21, 2017) 

- Spicer Resigns from White House
- Trump's Personal Lawyer Resigns Amidst Russia Probe
- Trump Asks Legal Team for a Way To Pardon Himself and His Whole Family
- Teens Laugh as They Watch a Disabled Man Beg for Help as He Drowns
- Baltimore Police Accidently Films Himself Planting Drug Evidence

(**This was written awhile ago but I never had time to properly finish my thoughts in a way that would add value to you.)

Wtf is WRONG with people?! How did we fall this far as a people and society? (These were my first thoughts until I reframed my mind to think, what can I do to try to counterbalance this mentality?)

And how are we ok with allowing this to happen? Are we the contribution?


If this is our mindset, how can we succeed in anything, much less progressing as a species? From what I hear, we'll all be heading for another mass extinction by 2100... I mean, it's totally possible if we keep working against each other instead of with each other. Too many people, too little resources, too much destruction, too much ... bleh...

And then I used my hardened mentality to figure out a way to try to explain it in a way that would allow you all to see what I mean... (And NO I'm not being arrogant, if that's how it may have come across. I'm the type of person that wants to add value, not take it away.)

The Problem

I want to say social media aided a lot to our "downfall" as a species as we're on it so much we start believing and adapting to the selfish, unaware stupidity that is aggressively stockpiling on the web. People can't even properly type a sentence or punctuate properly. Or maybe they do know how, they are just showcasing a lesser than assertive side to their natural corrective posture. Who knows...?

Either way, how do you expect to be taken seriously in a "debate" or hope someone will take your opinion seriously if you don't even put forth the passive effort to use correct grammar? That type of mentality only shows that you're quick to speak, not to think. (You if this is you, or maybe it isn't, but I'm speaking to the reader, so please don't be offended, just take a look at every action you take and question if it was progressive or degressive, is all I'm saying. Are you proud of yourself? Why?)

Many posts, especially viral posts, are filled with hate, negativity, people adding text they think is sly, funny and humorous when in fact it's vile, self-centered and negative. Then people join the fray and side with it. I've even had a few people tell me many people profit from being negative... Well DUH! Look at most of the politicians in the world. Look at... I'm not going to point fingers, but just take a look... Sure, you can profit, but what is $$ if it weakens your soul? In the long run, do you want to be known as being an elite negative or an elite positive factor in the world?

I can't even count how many times people in the "political realm" are arguing and fighting over Dems/Repubs aka Libs/Leftists vs Trumpers/Cultists... It's ridiculous to say the least! I'm literally embarrassed for us, our country, our humanity... It doesn't matter who you support, the point is... unity!

We should be working together not fighting over what a President did or did not do. The point of the govt. is to help society, not destroy it.

Ok, you get the point, I'm sure. And no... NONE of this is negative. It's awareness to a problem that needs to be solved within us all. 

A wise person once said... “nothing”.
— Unknown

I could say nothing, but someone has to say something or we'll keep on, keepin on!

The Solution

If people (us, you, me...) can learn to diffuse or just walk away from negativity, hold their/our tongues (or fingers from keyboards), then that solves a LOT of the problem! 


And tell me how many of these successful people (who run the businesses) have succeeded by being progressive, positive and surrounded themselves with the same type of mentality. A few come to mind: Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, The Rock... (Name some people that inspire you in the comment bar below (or share this on social media and post that way because you may inspire someone else.)

But naturally, it derives within us. We need to work on ourselves and fix the issues within ourselves first. Every time we let our feelings out while alone, in public or online, the dark side wins, and energy spreads faster than the speed of light. 

What you read or affects you, even though it's only on the internet (or in real life). What we read affects our minds and our minds are linked to our feelings. Only, if we don't understand our feelings, then how can we know if what we say or do is progressive?

Let's say we grew up in an abusive environment and when we grew up, we did the same thing because it felt natural to us. (catch 22 really, since the world is a pretty abusive environment...) That's because our brains our wired to our feelings and our thoughts are only derived from what we know and understand. If we don't know it, then we don't know it, therefore our feelings may be an illusion of what we naturally are capable of. 

Only through self-awareness and spiritual growth can we properly hop outside our bodies and take a look at ourselves with complete subjectivity and decide if what we are saying or doing is actually healthy for us or anybody else.

There are many, many types of ways to deal with others that are negative or things that make us angry that don't involve us reacting with the same energy which only adds fuel to the fire. 

  • When angry stand in a cold area, drink cold liquids or put cold items on your body
  • When you catch yourself being negative (first stop yourself, then), do two things positive to counteract it
  • Keep people around you that are also positive and progressive
  • Delete all negative people from your feeds (after benefit of the doubt, not everybody is completely aware)
  • Read books, listen to audiobooks/podcasts, watch videos and research how people have succeeded being positive much more than being negative. The most successful people on the planet do...
  • Get rid of anything in your life that is negative
  • Think positive in the morning and at night, FOCUS on this and you will become it over time
  • Exercising and eating healthy naturally makes people more positive and happy
  • Do something for someone that makes them and you feel good (anybody! They will carry that vibe.)

 Just don't respond to negative energy. Walk away. It's not acceptable and once each and every one of us decides that, then we can attempt to start clean up this ridiculous mentality that is corrupting and destroying everything and everybody around us.

Energy spreads whether it's good or bad. Don't be the person that is remembered as someone that is negative. Be progressive and positive or "you're" a part of the problem no matter how large or small.

I may not be perfect, but I try to hold back from being negative and sometimes catch myself in the act, but constantly reframe. Sure, we sometimes can't help ourselves, but it's how we present ourselves that makes us who we are. Last thing I want to be is part of the problem. I'd rather be part of the solution. I hope you're in the same realm. :)

IN CLOSING: What you put out always comes back = yin/yang = perfect balance. 

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