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INvest for the first time using coinbase!

Buy & Sell Bitcoins, Ethereum & Litecoin in USA, Europe & Canada for light crypto investing.

  • Free $10 in BTC after initial investment of $100!

  • Buy In Limit is $1

  • Accepts Credit Cards & Wire Transfer

  • Purchase Fee 3.99%

  • Purchase $500 a week of any coin

  • Easy to Use

  • Auto-buy capabilities

  • Has Detailed Built In Graphs

invest for the first time using gemini!

Purchase & Sell Bitcoins & Ethereum in USA, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and Puerto Rico with this great secure platform for heavy crypto investors.

  • Only accepts bank transfers

  • All transfer fees are free!!

  • Purchase $5,000 day / $20,000 month

  • Easy to Use

  • High Security

  • Simple Signup Process

  • Built in Graphs & Charts

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The #1 key element TO successful INVEStments IN CRYPTOCURRENCY IS access to legit information!!!

Learn everything you need to know to get started and feel comfortable in cryptocurrency investing! 

I'm a normal person just like you that spent countless hours of research, failure, time wasted and frustration trying to figure out if investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency was right for me.

But I created a system that helped me get past all the fear, uncertainty and doubt to help me limit my losses and maximize my gains while investing in cryptocurrency and used this strategy to turn $10,000 into a Quarter Million Dollars. 

My sole goal in life is to help others because of my near death experience that left me focusing on providing value to others instead of just myself.

So I've  put together a crypto investing mastery course to teach you how to fast-track your way to earning what could likely be the best profit margin you've ever made in your life! Enough to life financially free forever!


In My Full Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery Course: Here's What You'll Get 


Private Access to our ONE-ON-ONE Student Group for AYFP Cryptocurrency Investors - Interact With Crypto Kyle and Other Students to Avoid Potentially Devastating Mistakes and Give Yourself a Huge Boost in Proficient Investing!


FREE Updates for Life on Everything Cryptocurrency - Crypto Kyle Provides Weekly Updates Adding the Newest and Best Methods from the Cryptocurrency Trading World Directly Into Your Training - ABSOLUTELY FREE - FOR LIFE!


Step-By-Step Walkthrough of Top Secret Cryptocurrency Trading Methods that Have Potential To INCREASE YOUR ROI from 100% - 300,000% While Limiting Your Risk Of Failure by At Least Double! These Strategies Will Pay for the Full Course Itself If Implemented Properly!


Extremely Detailed Walkthrough of Exactly ALL the Ways You Can Earn Income by Investing in Cryptocurrency Which Will Be Updated As New Information Changes Or Arrives in this Ever Changing Market. The average millionaire has 5 passive income sources at one time... Be like them and maximize your profits. 


How To Spot Scams (which are everywhere) and How to Avoid the Risk of Losing Your Entire Wallet to One of them! This Course Alone is Worth More than the Entire Investment of This Course! Make sure you don't lose your entire wallet in one fell swoop, trust me, you'll be thanking me later.


Get Hacks & Strategies and All the Best Frequently Updated Streamlined Sources of Information that Will Help You Make the Most Educated Decisions When Investing in Cryptocurrency. 

INFORMATION IS KEY to Making High Yielding Returns on Your Investments!



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Which ICO's to Invest In


When to Buy, Hold & Sell

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