Short Film with Bodypainter Luciano Paesani [Mature Audience]

It was only a week and a half before the shoot when I saw bodypainter, Luciano Paesani, had posted on Facebook he needed a videographer for his next bodypainting job to do with the horror world. I reacted to this post faster than a fly!

Bodypainter: Luciano Paesani
SFX Artist: Athena Matthews
Model: Nancy Garner Jones
PA: Rebecca Amick
Photographer: DW Kim
Videographer: Me

Photo by Kyle Rea Photography

Photo by Kyle Rea Photography

We shot these photos at an abandoned and boarded up mansion that had over 45 rooms. Dirt, grime, loose nails and glass were everywhere. We shot during the afternoon into the night time and had to use led lights for all shots. The whole team was AMAZING and we only used about 10% of the whole location to actually shoot although there were SO many more places to shoot. I'll have to definitely drive back soon for some other shoot or project. I do have many ideas for that. 

Photos by DW Kim

DW - Luciano Paesani - Lust Demon 2.jpg
DW - Luciano Paesani - Lust Demon.jpg
Lust Demon - DW - Luciano Paesani.jpg

I'll be posting some video samples soon and once we shoot the rest of the short film, I will post more for sure! Can't wait to show you more!

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