Photoshoot with Music Producer Jacob Keller

Album Cover Portraits with Music Producer Jacob Keller

On the last night before Jacob Keller left Los Angeles, we decided to pop out the to the studio real quick-like and capture a few photos for his next album cover. He wanted to shoot something different than what might be typically expected of an album cover. He wanted movement... which is totally cool with me, but it's kind of difficult to capture sometimes. So to me, it was a challenge.

We shot with alien bees 400 & 800 watt with my trusty Canon 7D and 24-70mm 2.8L Canon lens which I pretty much use for everything. We used white seamless paper in the background.

So we had shots of spirits and went for it! And trust me, he went for it all out! The idea was to make the photos look "messy" on purpose. It was his idea so I just went with it. If there's anything to learn from this, it's just let loose and have fun. Don't stick too much to the "pre-set formula" that may have been in place before otherwise you keep getting the exact same results. What I love for each different project is to challenge myself to do better or be more creative than the last project. Don't get me wrong, keep a nice through-line of your work that signifies your style, but just have fun with it to get the best results. Just "let it come to you" and it will all work out in the end.