Photoshoot for Dancing App with G. Madison @MooveTheApp

I Recently photographed a photoshoot for a Dancing App

for G. Madison. Some (or maybe most?) of these dancers are very well known across the globe and other's are making their way very rapidly to the "top of the food chain". The app is to be used to easily schedule your dance class quickly since it's always hard to keep up with all the changes and venues accessible to the world of dance. I was very honored to photograph them and will constantly update you here with new pictures from the shoot as they are released. 

For the shoot: It was interesting having a 4 hour session with over 15 models come in, do dance moves in limited space and a lens mainly used for portraits and do it on a massive time constraint. The best thing to do in a situation like this, I've learned, is that having a schedule everybody can abide by is best. Knowing exactly what shots the client wants ahead of time helps but just as much that the talent knows this as well. However, they are all dancers so all we had to do was play some inspirational music to get them into the "feel" of the energy and I would snap the photos in the meantime.

I had eventually snapped over 1,000 raw photos which took what seemed "an eternity" to sort though and pick the best. I did so with my client, but in general, I usually offer the low res watermarked photos to the client to choose for themselves. 

These photos were snapped on white seamless paper and then later manipulated in post to look the way they did now. 

Kevin Ray - Kyle Rea Photography - Moove the App
JoJo Gomez - Kyle Rea Photography - Moove the App
Kyle Rea Photography - Moove the App

You can check out the status of the app here:

I'm always happy to shoot more photos in the future! I've got so much on my plate now but if the right project comes along, I'm all ears (and eyes)! 

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