Video Shoot for #MusicalSandbox w/ James Kyson feat. Andy Allo, Sean P. Hill, Devin, Reign Morton

Musical Sandbox with James Kyson

I had the pleasure of helping out James Kyson for a pilot he wanted to film where he brought together random artists of different styles and gave them a concept with 20 minutes to go off and create a minute and a half song from scratch. We filmed them and then there was an interview asking about their history and the process they used to get into the frame of mind to create this art in such a short amount of time. 

I was honored to quickly snap a few photos of Andy Allo, one of the talents on set that day. I have a few more Instagram photos of the other talent I'll post shortly. 

Reign the Artist & Andy Allo - Kyle Rea Photography
Spoken Word Artist, Sean P. Hill - Kyle Rea Photography
Devin (Musical Sandbox) - Kyle Rea Photography
Sean P. Hill, Devin, James Kyson - Kyle Rea Photography

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View this project when it comes out at #MusicalSandbox hosted by #JamesKyson

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