BTS for Style Fashion Week 2016 with @Coral Castillo Designs

Coral Castillo + Style Fashion Week Runway Show

I had the honor of video & photographing the extremely talented and obviously visionary high-fashion clothes designs for Coral Castillo at Style Fashion Week at Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood this year. It was one of the funnest events of the year and the level of quality she envisions and creates is immaculate! I can definitely predict that she'll be in the spotlight for many major productions in the very near future. I'm always honored to work with some of the best talent in the world today!

The tented area where all the stylists, models, hair & makeup artists, family, press and staff was packed! It was hard to move without bumping into somebody. At least 30-40 models were being prepared at a time for the runway show. For some reason, the kids were being prepared first, even though they weren't the first showcase. And we all know their hair, makeup and what-not would be a little mangy by the time they actually had to go on the runway. Kids will be kids...

I snapped many photos behind the scenes as well as video which was so much that I'm still having some time editing and sorting it all out. Too much elegance all at once = photographer/videographer overload. If there's anything I could teach a photographer about fashion photoshoots, it's this: 

1) Only snap photos of models NOT looking at the camera. They are modeling the clothes, not themselves. 

2) Make sure to snap the whole clothes design in frame and don't cut off areas of the clothes design. Make sure you always have a full body shot first you're satisfied with and then shoot close ups to maximize the detail on the clothes afterwards.

3) Make sure to have enough memory cards of course and if you can, try to make sure you have a laptop with you to upload the footage to, just in case. However, it does move pretty fast so you'll have to be ready and on the go the whole time. 

4) When shooting the actual runway, make sure to have a long distance focal lens such as 70-200mm. My 24-70mm lens was better for portraits. I got some amazing shots, but I feel they could have been a hint more crisp. I'm very critical of my finished work so I like to try to make as little mistakes as possible, which is inevitable to happen anyhow. Just don't make the same mistakes twice. lol

5) Oh yea, and make sure to eat first! You'll never know when you have time to eat! And dress nice as well. You're at a fashion show in broad daylight with people that understand fashion. You don't want to go dressed as the "average joe" or "humbug" because it won't work out too well in the long run, I'm assuming. Most of the time, they have dress codes. 

6) Make sure you have business cards. Usually at the end of the day is when you hand them out when the focusing efforts have been completed after the show. But you never know who might ask for one, so make sure to make it quick and accessible! 

7) Be nice to everybody. Good vibes and good energy = nurturing relationships and more opportunities.

*If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below and I'll get back to you at my earliest convenience. If you find value in this blog, feel free to share it!

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