Kyle Rea Books Lead Villain in Ultraman Movie

Here's a few press releases from the Ultraman series in which I've voiced several characters, the most renown being the lead villain, Kaiser Belial. 

The notorious Ultraman series is one of Japan's most renown sci-fi franchises of all time in comparison with King Kong and Godzilla. A re-dub version is being brought to America with English Dubs Written, Directed & Produced by William Winckler Productions through Warner Brothers. The franchise has millions of fans worldwide, although it's hard to gather how many there are, it's upwards of 10M-20M.

The most recent Ultraman movie I voiced played in limited theaters across the USA! 

I was so lucky and honored to voice many characters, one being the infamous Kaiser Belial, killer of Ultramen. I also voiced Ultraman Eighty, which is one of the super-hero's, which I was happy to dub! The voice required a deep, hulking and raspy voice like a demon that Kaiser Belial is. The shoot turned out great and I can't really talk much about it right now but here's a few links to recent press regarding this movie!

I'll be sure to post any new updates as they come along! I've already had a few requests for autographs so if you would like one, feel free to contact me and I'll get one out to you. :)