Game of Thrones Season 7 & 8 Predictions **SPOILER WARNING!!**


Game of Thrones - The Night King

I literally can't contain myself anymore, I need to publicly state what I think will happen in Game of Thrones seasons 7 and 8 for the rest of the season!

After watching the first two episodes and seeing several of my predictions come to light, I feel I want to express what I think will happen in the future.  I guessed there would be a mass death scene s7ep01 and there was. I predicted over 200 deaths first few episodes on screen and there was. I predicted the Giants being revived from the dead and they were. 

My Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions as follows:

Cersei takes the iron throne, her brother Jaime comes back to join her, although he doesn't seem that puzzled that ALL their kids are dead, not even distraught. This is weird as we saw a "softer side" from him earlier when he was prisoner with Brienne of Tarth. I predict that all that shall pass and he'll eventually become the Queen slayer as well as the king slayer, as Cersei turns madder and crazier by the day. 

Sandor Clegane now has a purpose after looking into the flames that Thoros of Myr had shown him. I feel like he will die but then be brought back to life just like Beric Dondarion, although I can't predict the specifics of how, when or where. I just have a gut feeling that will happen to him. Maybe even due to fire?

I feel that Gregor Clegane (The Mountain) is in for an insane fight sequence! At this point, I'm not quite sure who or what will bring him down but I'm assuming it will take a Dragon to bring him down. Perhaps even Arya can sneak in and do some damage, but he's called the Mountain for a reason and he's now "undead" so I predict an intense fight sequence taking place!

It was nice to see Khaleesi surrounded by women of power, although it was the LAST thing I predicted to see the Greyjoy's get annihilated episode s7ep02 by their uncle Euron! I was like WOW! And then Theon either used his cognitive thinking of survival or his PTSD to run away and allow it to happen, just like always. Euron is likely the new "Ramsay Bolton" or "Joffrey Baratheon Lannister" of the show. He's got an extremely twisted sense of humor. Where do I see Theon now after seeing that? Maybe he gets rescued by Gentry (who is apparently still rowing his boat?). Or maybe our Pirate friend Salladhor San. Maybe he drifts ashore somewhere...? That was definitely a curve ball for me. 

Speaking of Gendry... I think he'll make a last second appearance and "save the day" or perhaps the Entirety of Westeros somehow...

Samwell Tarley is getting smarter and smarter and he'll definitely save Jorrah Marmont from greyscale! He'll meet up with Khaleesi again and maybe they'll have a moment but Jon Snow will take his place as the king at some point with Khaleesi, (which will be weird since they are related... but it's all good. Attraction isn't a choice, even though incest is... lol). I think Sam will learn even more hidden facts about the undead that will save the day, maybe even learning "magic" spells in the process, such as fire balls. Not sure what Gilly and her baby will do in the story but I think they have some sort of deeper plot meaning. 

I think Tyrion is going to ride a dragon, perhaps? Last thing I expect is to see him in battle again, but sometimes opposite predictions are good from what you think because that's just how Game of Thrones rolls the dice. 

Cersei is definitely going to take down at least one dragon, and there will be a CRAZY battle between Khaleesi w/ her army and dragons vs. Cersei and the help that Jaime is getting from other army men. I think at least one group of Cersei "followers" will switch sides or abandon the fight when they see how much damage the dragons will cause. Eventually, at least one dragon will get taken down in the middle of the fight. 

As I've been predicted since the beginning of season 6, there is going to be a BUNCH of wars going on and every time there is death, the undead will raise these dead to join their army. With new dragon fire, more obsidian will be made. I have a gut feeling the undead will raise a dead dragon and give us an undead dragon, which will straight up EFF up the entirety of Westeros!

Arya is kinda lost right now but she'll encounter her dire wolf again and they will have a go at it with any undead they see IF they see any. If not, she's gonna take out Petyr Littlefinger Baelish after he controls Sansa Stark, who is now going to be left in charge of Winterfell. She might, down the line, kill Jaime Lannister, become him and then kill Cersei? She has many assassinations to complete, maybe Baelish is one of them... I think she'll only get so far before Jaqen Hagar comes back after her and eliminates her... even though he let her walk away.

Baelish is still up to no good, but I'm not sure he's going to rape Sansa and if he tries, he's gonna get the torture on him,. Sansa is turning into a vicious woman and I think she's gonna lose her mind and make some bad calls, get a lot of people killed. She might even have to fight the undead at some point. 

Qyburn is a "solution" in store which was the bolted catapults meant for the dragon. I'm sure he has some other crazy ideas that will come out as we unravel the rest of the season 7, but ultimately, he's a dead man walking. 

I think Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne of Tarth are going to hook up at some point. By the end of the season, they'll be fighting back to back to save the north from an undead invasion. 

There are several swords and a dagger made of Valerian steel still scattered around Westeros. If anybody should have one, I think it's Sandor Clegane, Jorah Marmont, Tyrion Lannister (the dagger), and maybe Jaime Lannister, if he some how turns "good" and survives the whole ordeal at the capitol.

Melisandre will probably help mass heal people or bring them back from the dead with Thoros of Myr and a few other healers? She's pretty good at burning people alive for sacrifice but now it's time for her to straighten up and counter balance all her dark deeds. Thoros has the power to heal, which means healing can technically harm undead...

The missing elements that might show back up are: Benjen Stark who "can't go south of the wall", Bran Stark who is likely going to control some dragons with his mind control skills, Gentry who is "still rowing", Salladhor San who is a great pirate and BADLY needed right now for his pirate skills, and Melisandre the Red Witch, who is a bit intimidated right now but still has some dark magic up her sleeves...

Grey Worm is probably going to die, the way he left Missandei, who finally bared it all. I feel Lord Varys is still talking his way out of burning to death, but maybe he'll switch his cause at the last moment or in the VERY end of Game of Thrones, he will be the last one standing  or one of the last, that must "re-shape" Westeros once again to start the whole "Iron Throne" infrastructure and it starts all back at the beginning again...

Jon Snow is going to ride a dragon along side Khallesi and they will likely be King and Queen, and he's technically dead/undead so not sure if he can still have kids or not with her, but not like there's time for that right now...

I vaguely remember someone mentioning in a previous season, that the other areas of far off lands contain a LOT of magic, and Westeros doesn't have so much magic in it now. But whomever this is, might bring in magic at the last moment to save the day?

Dragon riders = Khaleesi, Jon Snow & Tyrion Lannister >> one will die which will get revived by the undead and if that's anybody and to make the show just twisted, maybe Tyrion dies and is also revived as an undead?

By the last episode in the season, most of Westeros will be dead from internal conflict. The remaining will have to stick together for the final season which will be FILLED TO THE BRIM with undead vs. survivors in a "post apocalyptic" fantasy world. 

That's about all I've got for now... 

What are your predictions? What do you think will happen? Feel free to leave you own predictions and guesses in the comment box below! I'd love to see what you all think!