Producing, Writing & Editing "A Story of You" Feature Film

A Story of You - Feature Film

Will inevitably be one of the most responsible films in the future of filmmaking to help educate people on the need to communicate better during our digital times which seems to be sucking the human interaction out of every conversation and pushing towards individualism. As we use our phones more and more each day, this takes away from time we could be speaking with humans and gaining full embodied interactions based on physical energy transfer of one human to the next. Here's some backstory:

Director: Alireza Soroush
Producers: Alireza Soroush, Kyle Rea, Zarian Hadley, Nia Malika Dixon
Writers: Nia Malika Dixon, Alireza Soroush, Saeideh Nadmeh

Cinematography: Naeem Seirafi
Actors: Nicole Arnold, Ross Shaw, Larry Lowe, Amy Hart, Mony Pal

It wasn't always a feature film. In fact, it started out as a short film from a 39 page script. Back in September of 2015, I was looking for a new challenge in the creative world to enhance my resume and I came across a Facebook ad looking for an editor and the title was "A Story of You". I'm a spiritual person with an awareness that sub-consciously always alerts my brain when specific "signs" show up in my life. I felt like the this project was directly speaking to me so I answered the ad and met with the Director.

a story of you.jpg

The Director, Alireza Soroush, is a man that seemed to be thinking EXACTLY what I was thinking in terms of points of view on life, progressive thinking and how to help change the world for the better. He comes from Iran where for 8 years, missiles and war was happening above his home every single night. So when he arrived in Los Angeles, everything was an elevated sense of happiness to be out of the situation and enjoy life to the fullest. He's also a yoga instructor and spiritual guider. So essentially, I knew for sure this project was for me and we have the same meaning and purpose in life. 

I received the footage and it wasn't as organized as I'd hoped, but the story was amazing and footage looked amazing! It was going to take some time to sort it all out, but Alireza gave me full creative control to do with it as I wished, as he felt he didn't have the vision to edit it and allowed me to use my own perspective to mold the story in a way that made sense for me.

Alireza Soroush - A Story of You
Nicole Arnold - A Story of You

So I took awhile to process the footage and story but due to some technical issues and many jobs stacking up on my desk, it was hard to stay constantly focused on this project. I guess, in a sense, that meant my spiritual energies were a little distracted and this was the only piece to that puzzle to keep me on track, so I kept at it. My appreciation towards these projects (Crank, Family Guy, House of Cards), played an inspirational role for the style of editing I have custom created for this project and it seems to work great!

It ended up being around 40 minutes rough cut. As a filmmaker, one must understand that's too long to be a short film and too short to be a feature. And the way I edited it, I felt like it had some "holes" or "gaps" in the storyline or pacing of the project. I felt like by adding in some other elements, the story could continue to reach a feature length which would allow us sell it which inevitably means more options for a larger fan base appeal. Short films usually, after the festival run, sit on a shelf and collect dust or are long forgotten. They are generally used as stepping-stones for the teams career or for pitching purposes but most of the time, don't amount to much appeal after all the hard work is put in. So by turning this into a feature film, we could definitely do much with it as far as audience awareness and propelling our careers for more opportunities afterwards. The main goal was/is always to educate the audience in extremely important matters having to do with human connection and peace/love/unity. 

We're at the point now where we are nearly at a full length feature for run time. We have a few pickup days left, but after those are inserted and cleaned up in the timeline, the project is going to be exported for CGI, Color Correction, Sound Design & Composition! We can do most of these at the same time, so we'll be moving much quicker when it's out of my hands. 

Will keep you updated here as the project progresses!