26 Never-Before-Seen BTS Special Effects Photos for @BrunaNogueira @SteveJohnson @ChrisPitman #HollywoodMakeupLab [Mature Audience]

Behind the Scenes SFX Shoot with Special Effects Master, Steve Johnson with his muse, Chris Pitman, the former keyboardist for Guns N' Roses.

I had the honor to snap these photos because the photographer had to book out for the day. I was going to snap some of the students later on anyhow. So I showed up, got the skinny from Bruna Noguiera (CSI: NY, Teen Wolf, Hunger Games: Catching Fire) who I would be photographing and to just capture the moment. It was to be Chris Pitman (Former Guns N' Roses Keyboardist) and Steve Johnson a master special effects designer (Species, Blade II, Spider-Man 2). "This should be a fun shoot", I thought to myself. And little did I know how fun it would be... ;)

The main things I learned (that I remember... I hope I'm not forgetting or misinforming anybody here! I'm just the photographer...) from Steve was that the mold wasn't hard to make for the arm, you just have to make sure to leave the edges clear so they could paint over them later to match the skin. The rest of the mold would be filled with "blood". Anyway, I won't give away any specific details because if you want to learn the actual technique, you should take tutelage from Hollywood Makeup Lab aka #HMLFX.

After applying the mold and some liquids to keep it in place, it was dried with a hair dryer. After that, "blood" was applied. Since the blood was very thick, he sprayed it a few times with a water sprayer to give it a more "natural and realistic" look. After it's all said and done, Steve said this was a "quick job" and he normally spends more time on it on set. This blew me away because it look so real to me! It's like he does this in his sleep. lol 

Bloody Arm - Steve Johnson, Bruna Nogueira, Chris Pitman - Kyle Rea Photography - SFX Special Effects

Below from left to right:

Steve Johnson << Special Effects Master
Bruna Noguiera << Special Effects
Chris Pitman << Former Keyboardist of Guns N' Roses

Steve Johnson, Bruna Nogueira, Chris Pitman - Kyle Rea Photography - SFX Special Effects

Video will be coming at some point. It will still take me some time to edit it, but getting there soon!

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