17 Inspiring Broad Museum photos & more by Kyle Rea Photography

An Adventure Downtown Los Angeles to The Broad Museum

left me absolutely inspired and pumped the creative juices in my mind with a force more powerful than a Jedi could muster. It might have been record setting weather at 106 degrees but the "suffering" was worth it. My main objective when going on outings like this is to find inspiration in my creative mind and to add depth to my perception on life, reality, surreality and education. The finer our minds are sharpened, the more value we can add to society with the information we've gathered and applied. 

First I had passed the Disney Concert Hall which is quite nicely structured with beautiful architecture. As you can see here, it looks absolutely stunning on just an iPhone camera. You may want to Google search it if you want to see various photos from other photographers. 

**All the photos taken are on iPhone 5 with no filter added.

The adventure was simple, go to The Broad museum and get re-inspired to reach new intellectual and artistic levels and be "on par" with the standards of social success. It's pretty much a way to calculate my own mind and "set the tone" of my perspective to not allow myself to be anything less than what I perceive in my own mind. It was my first time to The Broad and stood in line for nearly an hour in 106 degree heat but it was well worth it. I only find suffering in being in situations I don't necessarily want to be in, but I've since then managed to alter my perspective to find value in any possible situation I've ever been in. 

Each piece of art I photographed (actually the whole entire museum) has art from various perspectives from various people at various times in history with various styles but the underlying theme is they all were built to add value to society via the perspective of the artist. 

Finally received entry and became inspired the moment the A/C hit. :) Here's a few of my favorite pieces of art from within.

Even though I see the skyscrapers in DTLA all the time, today they especially added inspirational value to my mind as I contemplated how low I am on the ground to how high the skyscrapers are in both a literal and hypothetical sense. Basically there's always room to learn and grow no matter how elevated you think you are. 

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