15 Photos of the Hollywood Devil (w/ SFX Masters @JosefRarach & @VladTaupesh)

Vlad Taupesh & Josef Rarach are Special Effects Masters from Prague

It all started when I was browsing Instagram & Facebook (like I do just about every day, lol) and I came across an amazing feed of all-too-cool prosthetics artists with a style I've never seen before, especially here in the states. And even if it were so, I would follow them in a heartbeat as well! So I followed them and commented on some work and added this fella, Josef Rarach, on my personal Facebook page. Most of the time as soon as I send a friend request, I send a message with it introducing myself so they know I'm not "just another creeper" fanboy online (Trust me, there's stories...). He replied back (which about half of them do) and we kept in touch. Later he told me he was coming to Los Angeles to do SFX and I was on it like superglue!

Photo by Ven Saranin

Photo by Ven Saranin


So we shot at Bruna Noguiera's (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Teen Wolf) Creature Effects Lab in Studio City, CA where Josef and team was doing a SFX masterclass with Steve Johnson (Spider-Man 2, War of the Worlds, Blade II, Species), a special effects master that lives in town. They were all pretty fun and outgoing people and easy to talk to. I like humble minded people. :)

All Photos Below are snapped & edited by me

The sfx was applied in pieces and was added in a matter of 4 hours. Apparently the molds took 3 weeks and not sure about how long to paint it? Bottom line, it took awhile because of the ultra detail put into it. 

After the application was done, we hiked up to the nearby canyon to shoot photos during magic hour. It was really neat and amazing! We shot just about every angle you could think of. I shot without flash and the other photographer did with flash so we captured completely different styles of photography. I really enjoy manipulating the colors in the photo to add something more "surreal" to it. 

BTW I'll have a video up soon. Have my composer partners working on some music now. 

After it's all said and done, I talked with Vlad & Josef about representing them for work as special effects artists on film productions and they agreed. Our roster at cREAtive Castle Studios is filling out quite nicely! So any work you want to book them for, feel free to contact me and I'll make sure we discuss your requirements to see if it's a good fit and go from there. 

I hope you enjoy their work as much as I did! I can't wait to work with them again soon, which will either be in January 2017 for IMATS or for a feature film I'm working on. Either way... it's going to be amazing!

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