11 Best Websites to Download Free Movie & TV Screenplays

If you're a screenwriter (or simply enjoy reading screenplays), it's essential to constantly read screenplays to better your craft. Perhaps your screenplay is inspired by another movie you watched and you were curious as to how the screenplay read. Or maybe you want to sharpen your skills by reading works by the best writers in the industry. Either way, the more educated you are, the better you'll understand and have the skills to better your craft. 

Once you start seeing a pattern in how screenplays read, you'll be able to adjust your own skills to match. It's imperative to understand how a screenplay reads versus how it plays out on screen. It's also great to physically see the variety of screenplay styles and structured parameters within a typical screenplay versus the masters of screenwriting that bend these parameters to fit their own style of writing (I.E. Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch).  

Here are 11 websites that I love to utilize to find my favorite screenplays to read. Some you can read from the site and some you can even download! This is literally a gold-mine of information and inspiration and I'm more than happy to share my discoveries with you!

1. IMSDB – Internet Movie Screenplay Database


IMSDB is the sister site of IMDB which is best known for researching everything about movies & television from cast, crew, production, budget, ratings, trivia, and contact information as well as what's just been green lit, in production and post production, and more.

IMSDB is the my favorite site for finding any type of screenplay from any type of genre. 

2. Simply Scripts


Simply Scripts is an amazing gold-mine of screenplays both in Feature & TV format and also non-English. Not only that, but there are screenplays for radio, anime, plays, musicals, un-produced, foreign, Treatments, Reviews, and discussion boards. There are always new screenplays being presented on this site (I'm currently reading John Wick). 

3. Go Into the Story


Go Into the Story is an amazing blog site that not only provides screenplays for your consideration, but also has blogs that breaks them down and reviews them. It also has an annual TOP TEN BEST UN-PRODUCED SCREENPLAYS list. You can also download a cache of various screenplays straight to your computer. 

4. The Script Lab


The Script Lab is an impressive website built with many resources providing the screenwriter achieve educate themselves. It has screenplay downloads, education, news, screenwriting competitions and software for purchase. It keeps things fresh and up-to-date and has a sleek website platform that is elegant and easy to navigate.

5. AwesomeFilm


AwesomeFilm is a quick access cache of screenplays that can be downloaded instantly with the click of the mouse/track pad and are all alphabetized for quick and easy searches. This is a pretty "awesome" site!

6. No Film School

2016 Oscar Nominated Screenplays


2017 Oscar Nominated Screenplays


This is a great site not only for screenplays but other information in the film world. Here's a list of the 2016 oscar nominated screenplays which you're able to download for free!

7. The Daily Script


The Daily Script is a pretty basic laid out website that offers a variety of screenplays and a link to their IMDb page. They stick with the "old-school" style Courier New font to "keep you in the mode".

 8. The Screenplay Database


The Screenplay Database is a great, easy to use website that offers quick download options as well as a link to the screenplays' IMDb page as well as Amazon for purchase (if applicable). You can also search the site by genre or alphabetically. You may also submit your own screenplays for consideration!

9. Movie Scripts and Screenplays


Movie Scripts and Screenplays is a straight forward website with many screenplays from various genres to download. You can even search for what you're looking for.

10. Scripmag


Scriptmag is a great site for not only downloading screenplays, but finding other essential resources in the screenwriting and film world such as "How To", Interviews, Blogs, Events, Education, Resources, Reviews & Q&A. It's invaluable to get all this information without having to hunt for it. 

11. Drew’s Script-o-Rama


This is a website filled with various drafts of produced screenplays that has been available online for around two decades. It's easy to search and find different screenplays to read online or download. I've noticed more bots than usual so use your due diligence when approaching this site. 

You’ve got to love the straightforward title. Movie Scripts and Screenplays gives you exactly what it says, with a long list of manuscripts that you can also directly find with its search function.

This is a great start to aiding in your screenwriting career, but if you're like many other people I know (such as myself), and you need "hands on" education for both developing your screenplay and preparing it for pitch and/or production, you may want a mentor to help guide you. I can provide one-on-one mentorship but soon will be creating a course to teach how to prepare a screenplay for pitching and filming from idea to conception. 

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