When Will the Cryptocurrency (& Bitcoin) Bear Market End?

We just saw a bit of bullish movement bringing Bitcoin up 40% in two weeks to hitting it's mark over $8,000 but we're not in the clear yet! We have to sustain over $10K to be considered a bull. We could still potentially see a dip back to the $6k region (or slightly below) before the "initial" bull run is fully triggered. (We can only watch and see…)

Bitcoin Weekly Chart hits $8000

The analogy I'd give is dinner is still being prepared. Some of the smaller dishes are almost ready but the main dishes and desert are still being prepared. Last year 2017 was the appetizer. 

Also, think about this whole infrastructure as if it is a business entity and the largest investors are playing with the idea of how to properly enter the market and **keep their assets "safe"**. 

The market cap is roughly $300B but there are literally **trillions of dollars** still waiting to enter, a lot of it coming from whales and big businesses, hedge funds and retired folks (yes, I said retired folks… which many don’t think about).

A lot of retired folks will use their Charles Schwab account, which they’ve saved up over time, to trade without taxes incurred. The ones that don’t understand will likely have their family members trade for them. Or buy and hold for them. (I personally know a few myself).


Now let’s look at it like an approach to a business. The business mind at first is skeptical of something new if they don’t know more info about it. Once they see it is valid and has potential, they start to wake up. Then they realize it has extreme potential and want to prepare it for a grand showcase. Fix the issues. Push it to its limits… See how people react.

We’ll, we’ve done all that. And now the market is  being prepped for a grand “opening” (it’s technically been open but this is a giant phase of adoption). With the product being primed for scalability and a little more “predictive”. Almost like taming a wild horse…

But if it just “dipped away into the shadows” it would be forgotten and momentum gone completely, which is not good with any product rollout…

So news controls the positives and negatives. When too positive, make it negative. When too negative remind how positive it can be.

Then it gets a MASSIVE marketing push for a grand rollout of global adoption at full speed! Then the dust settles a bit until the next wave… (nobody can keep going at that speed to the moon non-stop. They at least stop on the moon…).

So there you have it. Specuatively what is truly going on in the market. (Anybody who says they have 100% clarity to this market is full of ***T.  Some know a lot, but this market is not 100% predictable from any angle, because if it was, it wouldn’t exist. 



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