Bitcoin hits $4,000+ a coin in Colossal Benchmark!!

Bitcoin has finally surpassed $4,000 earlier today, reaching its newest milestone and setting yet another all-time high!

Bitcoin reaches mammoth gains at $4,000 a coin!

Cryptocurency is no joke although there are many skeptics claiming "hackers use it", "it's long term slow, moving investment" and other generalities. It is simply the world's largest by market capitalization, which reached as much as $4,040.41 (and is at $4045 as I write this moments later!) during the session, according to figures provided by CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index (BPI).

At the time of intial report, Bitcoin prices had dropped back somewhat, dipping to $3,912.18, additional BPI figures show. 

**Note, this is still a fresh market so it's best not to invest any money you are not willing to lose, just in case something does happen and any particular cryptocurrency plummets or for some reason, the whole 900 current AltCoins get regulated somehow. 

Colossal Gains

By hitting this latest milestone, Bitcoin has sprinted more than 590% since last year and over 300% this year-to-date, rising from less than $1,000 at the start of the year to crack open key price levels of $2k-$4k, according to CoinDesk's BPI.

Over the last several months, media has started to accept the reality that Bitcoin is here to stay showcasing self-made millionaires that go to 7 figures by trading AltCoins and Bitcoin inflation. Some of the original Bitcoin collectors had spent less than $20 per coin and simply held onto it as it rose in value.

Seems there's a lot of skepticism still in the air but there's over 100 major organizations accepting Bitcoin as payment such as, and to name a few. There are also many Bitcoin ATM's placed throughout the world, many more to be released in US quarter 4 of 2017.

Bubble Concerns?

Bitcoin has been picking up pace over the past couple months and is starting to see mainstream media more, even with ups and downs in the price gains, this has spurned an acute appreciation towards concerns over how fast it is moving and it's speculated that the realm of cryptocurrency and other AltCoins may hit a bubble. 

In my humble and honest opinion, the non-believers are mainly skeptical because they are used to the almighty dollar as the all powerful form of currency. However, with so much current distrust for the government, war in the midst and countries splitting apart, the power goes to the potentially more consistent currency of the future, cryptocurrency. As tech becomes more developed and people become more involved in their devices, so does the involvement and trust of CC by the people.

Market observers have given a full range of beliefs and views on this subject matter, ranging from "full out difference" to "full on investment". Nonetheless, tech investors can benefit from keeping an eye out for what is actually happening on a day-to-day basis.

Who really knows what Bitcoin will do in the future (even though it's been predicted to hit $100,000 a coin by 2020...) Some believe that cryptocurrencies are simply a fad like "fidget spinners", while others believe that Bitcoin will become the next Internet & Google for currency...

Guess we'll just have to wait and see...

PS I've been sold since my Uncle (who is brilliant) and his son, my cousin (a self-made tech millionaire) mentioned building crypto-rigs to mine and asked me to manage their Bitcoin ATM's. If they are in, I'm in... Not to mention I'm up 25% since I started.... :)

I'll just say this... I'm not going to be the one to later say "I could have made millions on Cryptocurrency if I'd only believed it would be this big at the time..."


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