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Kyle Rea is one of the most sought after strategists & crypto investing mentors in the world today with a waiting list to speak at A-List events & thousands of STUDENTS



Kyle Rea, a.k.a. The Brain, is known as the world’s most strategic consultant in the cryptocurrency investing and digital marketing space. He’s also one of the top branding and online growth hacking strategists in the world.

These days, Kyle’s private clients pay up to $150,000 to work with him. And they come from across the world to work with him. (UK, USA, Australia, Asia)

Kyle Rea prides himself on potentially being your new best friend and competitions worst nightmare!

That’s because as a strategic business consultant – Kyle Rea specializes in creating “celebrity-authorities” in their respective marketplaces, which makes them rise above their competition being in a “category of one” allowing their business to reach new levels at an accelerated rate.

Kyle has been utilizing the internet since Dial Up era with Free AOL Discs and speaks it as easily as someone speaks a language. He’s gotten millions of views and engagement via social media online and turned $10,000 into $250,000 in just three months investing in cryptocurrency. He’s spoken at some of the most renown blockchain events and has worked with the most elite creative talent in the world.

Kyle has been helping businesses gain tons of exposure and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for years and over $1M+ in cryptocurrency investing, but now he’s become more selective with who he mentors and is seeking clients for his inner circle or those that see the value of synergetic partnership.

Entrepreneurs & businesses choose to work with Kyle because he’s not just a cloned information “marketing guru” or “coach”, he’s proven himself in all areas that he consults and his clients have made millions with his work & advice. In other words, he can back it up! His own private Cryptocurrency Investing Group (VIP AYFP Cryptocurrency Investors) currently has 38 Members and they’ve all made back their investment from his information!

1. PICK KYLE’S BRAIN ~ $2,500/hr.
Crypto & Digital Marketing Breakthrough

When a break in Kyle’s schedule makes it possible to consult with someone like you and help you reach your full potential, he’s truly delighted.

Kyle Rea

To be honest, many people (perhaps you) don’t have time to go through a one-size-fits-all “program” to identify the specific strategies and tactics that will explode your business & media career or financial gains in crypto investing forward.

You might have an immediate opportunity you need to exploit — now.

If this describes you and you’d like Kyle to simply detail the complete road map for your business… telling you exactly what to do (and when) — today I have good news for you.

Once in a while, Kyle sets aside a limited number of sessions to work privately with people like you who want to become his newest advisory clients.

Unlike the tens of thousands of dollars that Kyle’s A-list clients have paid for ongoing work, this advisory-only consultation is designed to quickly and economically give you the exact steps to take so you can move forward with a well-defined plan — then execute on your own.

If you’d like to claim your spot for a consultation — click through now to book your appointment at the advisory-client rate of just $2,500 per hour.

**Only a handful of consultation times are available each month.

2. A DAY WITH KYLE ~ $20,000/day
Strategy + Implementation Sessions for Serious Thought Leaders

A DAY WITH KYLE isn’t for everyone. You’ve heard “time is money” and Kyle is very clear with his time and also very clear with who his ideal client is (so he can serve YOU best).


A DAY WITH KYLE is done wherever the location is most convenient for you, whether on a beach front in Malibu or in your own offices, he understands your time is also valuable so he’s willing to make it convenient for you. If booking locations globally for consulting, you might want to book extra days to relax or retreat on your own.

Most businesses blame outside factors such as customers or competitors for their failure, and crypto investors lose money with no strategies, then get stuck in a plateau for growth – a HUGE mistake. It’s NOT the fault of outside sources that needs to change, it’s the information you have access to and what you do with it that provides results. The guessing games of how to attract clients, grow your business or brand online or make money investing in cryptocurrencies is over! Kyle will show you EXACTLY how to achieve your goals in any of these subject matters.

A DAY WITH KYLE addresses the critical issues affecting businesses who are struggling to expand their brand and income online as well as crypto investors that can’t seem to make positive ROI in the crypto market whether it goes up or down. You’ll spend an entire day with Kyle together outlining in signature detail the next level of your business growth or investment earnings in cryptocurrency.

Minimum Consulting 1 on 1 Agreement 12 months: $150,000 + revenue share (approximately 80 hours)


PARTNER UP WITH KYLE is for those committed to moving forward in a huge way.

You receive not only complete access to Kyle, but his complete commitment to your business. Kyle’s treatment of your business just like it were his own.

If you came here for a breakthrough around cryptocurrency investing, brand awareness or growth hacking strategies to earn you high amounts of income, this level is for you.

In addition, you get 50 hours of consulting and most importantly, you get access to Kyle Rea’s online courses and proven strategies that have earned him and his clients millions of dollars.


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Don Morissette is CEO of the Stone Bridge Homes NW which is known as the finest construction team in the Pacific Northwest with dozens of homes built from scratch every single year.

DMH Holdings (a subsequent business) has been the lead high-end home builder in the Portland & Lake Oswego area for over 45 years and has earned dozens of top honors by the state as the elite contractor for that region.

DMH Holdings is a company worth over $150 million dollars and takes it’s business and investments very seriously and has been a recurring client for some time.

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Columbia College Hollywood is an accredited college and also an elite film school teaching basics to advanced studies in the world of cinema.

Dozens of Oscar & Emmy award winning talent has been trained within this school and Kyle had the pleasure of being their Social Media Strategist for over a year before exiting to focus more on cryptocurrency investing and taking on more consulting clients.

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Kevin David is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur that has made his money from e-commerce via Amazon FBA, Dropshipping and Facebook Advertising.

Kyle had the opportunity to work directly with Kevin to custom produce and deliver a slate of luxury commercials that helped Kevin earn millions of dollars via his advertising campaign which are still being show to this day.

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Creative Castle Studios is an organization founded in 2015 by Kyle to help pair elite freelance creatives with businesses needing their services.

CCS rostered talent has worked with some of the worlds top entertainment brands such as HBO, NBA, Westfield Shopping Centers, Wizards of the Coast, Topps, Fleer, and many more. The talent currently partnered with CCS is widely recognized throughout the world and has been seen on TEDx, BBC, Prosthetics Magazine, Cannes and the Emmys.

It is currently expanding to be a primary source for marketing, creative and blockchain services across the globe.