AYFP: Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery

Master the Art of Cryptocurrency Investing.

You may have heard of friends, family or just people in general becoming millionaires from Bitcoin or cryptocurrency and you want a piece of the action. Some of you may think you missed your chance but this is LITERALLY just the beginning and the PERFECT time to invest in cryptocurrency! It's just starting to go mainstream!


  • Decentralized

  • Technology Driven World

  • Based on Unity & Teamwork
  • Easier & Faster to use that Credit Cards & Cash Transactions
  • Cuts out the "middle man" fees
  • Great investment choice for chance at an extremely high ROI
  • Cannot be printed at will meaning the more $$ in the system, the higher the prices of the coins rise
  • Mass Adoption of Investment by Conglomerates & Institutions Worldwide

But investing in the wrong coins, wrong timing, jumping ship too early, or listening to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) will 100% kill any chance you have of ever getting this chance of your lifetime to potentially earn your freedom from a 9-5 job or potential retirement fund. You NEED proper guidance or you may make all the wrong decisions I did when I first invested in cryptocurrency. I'm a person just like you and I literally DID lose my life savings in the beginning because I made all the wrong moves. 

I spent over a year researching cryptocurrency day in and day out and never invested a penny till a half year of research and lost out on many opportunities but at the same time, made every rookie mistake you could possibly make and lost thousands of dollars. So instead of accepting failure, I kept at it and "dug myself out of the grave", investing thousands of dollars, hours of my time and making many errors only to come out ahead and become insanely profitable by only utilizing the best information to streamline my own success. 

"This is basically a game and once you figure it out, it will work for you no matter who you are or what walk of life, bottom line."

After Seeing Too Many Fake Cryptocurrency 'Gurus' & Even More Opinionated "Investors" Recklessly Feeding You All Fake & False Information With No Depth Sustenance & Taking Advantage of People by Leading Them to Invest Their Life Savings into Terrible Cryptocurrencies, and More-So, Merely Scratching the Surface, I Knew I had to Do Something...

I Decided to Create the Only Course that Walks you Through Exactly How to be Insanely Successful in Cryptocurrency Investing with Step by Step Tutorials for Every Step of the Way (with constant updates)...

IMPORTANT: This Course Includes 6 In-Depth Modules + 3 Bonus Modules Covering THE ESSENTIALS of Investing in Cryptocurrencies in Meticulous Detail from A - Z! Not only will I teach you how to become insanely profitable on your returns, but also how to fail as well, so you can see both sides of the fence.

There is NOT another course out there as detailed as this and even more so, one that protects you like family with updates for life. Information is KEY to a successful return on your investment!


Here's What You get In This Mastery Course!


(2 BTC Value) Private Access to our ONE-ON-ONE Student Group for AYFP Cryptocurrency Investors - Interact With Crypto Kyle and Other Students to Avoid Potentially Devastating Mistakes and Give Yourself a Huge Boost in Proficient Investing!


(3 BTC Value) FREE Updates for Life on Everything Cryptocurrency - Crypto Provides Weekly Updates Adding the Newest and Best Methods from the Cryptocurrency Trading World Directly Into Your Training - ABSOLUTELY FREE - FOR LIFE!


(3 BTC Value) Step-By-Step Walkthrough of my Top Secret Cryptocurrency Trading Methods that Have Potential To INCREASE YOUR ROI from 100% - 300,000% While Limiting Your Risk Of Failure by At Least Double! These Strategies Will Pay for the Full Course Itself If Impletmented Properly!


(2 BTC Value) Extremely Detailed Walkthrough of Exactly ALL the Ways You Can Earn Income By Investing In Cryptocurrency Which Will Be Updated As New Information Changes Or Arrives in this Ever Changing Market.


(2 BTC Value) Which ICO's to Invest In I'll also show you the best ways to detect worthwhile ICO's to invest in that will potentially earn insane returns! I'll show you how, where, why, when and what to look for when investing in ICO's.


(3 BTC Value) Get Hacks & Strategies and All the Best Frequently Updated Streamlined Sources of Information that Will Help You Make the Most Educated Decisions When Investing in Cryptocurrency. INFORMATION IS KEY to Making High Yielding Returns on Your Investments!

Includes 3 Bonus Modules Available Nowhere Else


Get Access to Our Affiliate Program (1 BTC Value) Potentially earn up to 6-7 figures annually promoting this course!


When to Buy, Hold & Sell  (0.5 BTC Value) This is the KEY to becoming a successful cryptocurrency investor!


How to Spot Scams (3 BTC Value) Avoid the risk of losing your entire wallet in this invaluable in depth module!


Once you have fully completed the course, I'll give you access to my affiliate program where you can earn a TON of BTC for affiliate with me and helping me sell this course to others. I require you to take the full course first because it is only fair you know what you are promoting, it doesn't feel as "scammy" to promote something just for an affiliate income and if you truly want to help the world out, this is a great opportunity for you!

I'll provide more details within the course itself.


Thats a 19.5 BTC Value!

(This price is based off the value of a BTC when I first started learning and it has since increased TREMENDOUSLY in value, along with the information needed. This will inflate quickly so time is of the essence... The sooner you get in my course, the sooner you have the chance to earn the biggest ROI in the shortest amount of time, ever! 

Don't wait, the price of BTC will constantly rise...

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Investing in AYFP is Investing in Charity

We're donating 11% of all proceeds straight to charity. 11% because that is a good luck symbol and if it takes 10% better for a business model to succeed, then 11% is even better for a little extra push. I'll keep track of all proceeds right here so you can see. 

We're currently partnered with the David Lynch Foundation.

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Bitcoin price hits $16,500!

Once you invest in full, you have access for life to all updates, new information, and our private Facebook group for paid members.

BTC will rise in value so if you invest later, you may end up paying more (but you'll also get more information later on, so it makes sense.)

Invest in yourself and you'll absolutely not regret it. This course is worth MORE than any investment you will make in cryptocurrency investing in the long run. 

How Macro Trader Novogratz Became a Bitcoin Convert


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YES! I'd like to order AYFP: Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery that shows me everything I need to know to get started and profit with cryptocurrency.

I fully understand I’m getting over 19.5 BTC in value when I join this program. By completing this page, I agree to put my best foot forward when it comes to taking action with your training.

I understand the refund guarantee states that if after implementing the recommendations from Kyle and his mentors I do not get results, I can request a 100% refund within 30 days of my investment in the AYFP: Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery course.

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