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Alyze Sam

As a blockchain strategist, influencer and speaker, Alyze Sam sits in the top 1% of the blockchain industry. Dedicating her life to her patients in hospice nursing, Sam branched out to financial technology after overcoming incredible odds with vigor and passion. Her life goals include serving her community and assisting other ‘underdogs’ in achieving their dreams.



  • 30k + Crypto & Blockchain Network (only being on social media 18 months)

  • Blockchain Strategist/Correspondent for Cryptocentral.io

  • VIP Member (Invite Only): Union of Crypto Advisors (UOCA)

  • VIP Member (Invite Only): Women in Blockchain International (admin of telegram group)

  • ENDOSED BY: Michael Creadon, Patrick Devereaux, Ben Acheson

  • Mentored by Dmitry Buterin ❤️

  • She’s done it all in crypto; Investor, trader, miner, coding, trained in Blockchain and Game Theory, and sits as an advisor for two Blockchain projects.