It all started when...

kyle finished 6.jpg

I snuck in computer parts to my home (where it was strictly forbidden!) and built a computer frmo scratch, and then snuck in dial-up aol discs so I could get on the internet to play diablo (also forbidden...). 

My family was gone and I could finally log onto the internet for a few minutes to chat with some people online. I was hooked on the first nibble! (Yes AOL discs that were the original way to log onto the internet from home through a landline connection.)

I also read a TON of books and played a TON of Chess until I started beating people twice and thrice my age.

After that, I was sold! I've been utilizing the internet since 1996 and have a solid understanding of the language. I've not only been marketing my own work but that of major businesses and brands.

I speak "marketing" and strategies nearly as well as I speak English. 

Now I consult and am currently creating a social media mastery course to teach all the tactics and knowledge I have about how to utilize the tools online to reach the maximum exposure possible.